Offices and supervision of doctrine

The calling to office

A. All office-bearers
No one shall take any office upon himself without having been lawfully called thereto.
The calling to office shall take place by the consistory with the deacons, with the cooperation of the congregation, after prayer, and in accordance with the local regulations adopted for that purpose.
Prior to the ordinaton or installation the names of the appointed brothers shall be publicly announced to the congregation for the approval on at least two consecutive Sundays. If no lawful objection is brought forward the ordination or installation shall take place with the use of the adopted Form.

B. Elders and deacons
The consistory with the deacons shall give the congregation the opportunity to draw the attention of the consistory to brothers deemed suitable for the respective offices.
The consistory with the deacons shall present to the congregation at the most twice as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled. From this number the congregation shall choose as many office-bearers as are needed.
Those elected shall be appointed by the consistory with the deacons.
If necessary the consistory and the deacons may present to the congregation the same number of candidates as there are vacancies.

C. Ministers
Before a vacant church extends a call the advice of the counsellor shall be sought.
The approval of classis shall be required for a repeated call to the same minister for the same vacancy.

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Verkiezing van ouderlingen en diakenen
Bevestiging van ouderlingen en diakenen
Roeping tot een ambt
Tweede beroep

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