Oberservance and Revision of the Church Order

These articles, which regard the lawful order of the church, have been adopted with common accord. If the interest of the churches demand such, they may and ought to be changed, augmented, or diminished. However, no consistory, classis, or regional synod shall be permitted to do so, but they shall endeavour diligently to observe the articles of this Church Order as long as they have not been changed by a general synod.

Kerkorde CanRC (1985)



Naleving van de kerkorde
Wijziging van de kerkorde

Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 81
Kerkorde GKN (1905) Art. 86
Kerkorde GKv (1978) Art. 84
Kerkorde RCNZ (1977) Art. 96
Kerkorde VGKSA (2005) 84

Oene, W.W.J. van (1990) Art. 76