Preface, John H. Kromminga — 7

I. Catholicity or Secession, a Dilemma? — Introduction, Paul G. Schrotenboer — 10

II. Catholicity, Unity and Truth, Willie D. Jonker 16

III. The Church as the Body of Christ, Fika van Rensburg — 28

IV. Conflict and Toleration in the Early Church, John van Dyk — 45

V. Catholicity in the Reformed Confessions and in Reformed Theology, Klaas Runia 58

VI. Catholicity of the Church in the Secession (1834) and in the Doleantie (1886), Willem van ’t Spijker 76

VII. Is Secession Allowed?, Henk B. Weijland 96

VIII. The Christian Reformed Church: Catholicity and Secession, Henry Zwaanstra — 113

IX. Catholicity and Secession in the Presbyterian Churches, Richard C. Gamble — 139

X. Secession and the Reformed (‘Dopper’) Churches in South Africa, Bouke Spoelstra — 148

XI. A Third World Perspective on Catholicity and Secession, S.H. Widyapranawa — 162

XII. Catholicity and Secession, Paul G. Schrotenboer 175

The authors — 210