Article 77 — Serious and gross sins on the part of office-bearers

As serious and gross sins which are grounds for the suspension or deposition of office-bearers the following are to be mentioned particularly: False doctrine or heresy, public schisms, blasphemy, simony, faithless desertion of office or intrusion upon that of another, perjury, adultery, fornication, theft, acts of violence, habitual drunkenness, brawling, unjustly enriching oneself; and further all such sins and serious misdemeanours that rate as ground for excommunication with respect to other members of the church.

Here a number of serious sins worthy of punishment by office-bearers’ suspension or deposition are summed up.
The addition of the last few lines means that not each of all these sins would be grounds for excommunication in respect of other church members, but others are.
Consequently, church discipline must be administered in these cases after the office-bearer’s suspension or deposition, in the way described in Articles 73 and 74.

Rongen, G. van (2005)

Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 77