Article 62 — Church services

The consistory shall call the congregation together for church services twice on the Lord’s Day.

Holy Scripture does not rule on the frequency of our Sunday church services. Our churches have determined it at two.

The Bible does not contain a complete order of the service either. In our churches the order followed is the one suggested by the General Synod Middelburg, 1933 of the Dutch churches, or the old liturgy dating back to the days of the Reformation whereby the order of “the two great commandments” and that of “the Lord’s Prayer” is obeyed: first the preaching of God’s Word and only then the Offerings and intercessory prayers, things that are related with “the neighbour”.
The latter order is also apparent in the old prayer forms found in the “Book


of Praise”. It would be wise to use these Forms more often in our church services.

Rongen, G. van (2005)

Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 62