Article 61 — Support after departure

When members depart to another congregation where they will be cared for in institutions, aged persons homes or nursing homes, they shall in respect of deacon support remain under the care of the church they are leaving. If this is not possible support will be arranged by consultation between the consistories and deacons concerned.

Further to the previous article, dealing with the departure of members of a congregation to another congregation, this article contains a rule in case of members departing to another congregation whilst needing continuing support from the deacons.
There is a rule: They remain under the care of the church they are leaving. However, there is an exception: ‘as much as possible’, and if it is not possible the consistories and deacons involved shall consult with each other.

The first line of this article clearly states that these members become members of that ‘other congregation’. In the past, cases like these have created much confusion in our sister-churches. Therefore it is a good thing that we now have a rule to aid us in these matters.

Rongen, G. van (2005)

Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 61