Article 53 — Baptismal promise and education

The consistory shall make sure that the parents honour their vows to instruct their children, to the utmost of their power, in the doctrine of the Scriptures as summarised in the confession, and to have them instructed in the same by the instruction provided by the consistory.
In accordance with the same vow, the consistory shall see to it that the parents, to the best of their ability, and with the cooperation of the communion of saints, give their children education (as stipulated by the civil government) which is based on Scripture and Confession.


One of the consequences of the promises given by the parents at the baptism of their children is that the ministers and elders have to ensure that the parents give their children an education compatible with the doctrine of the church.
Here the emphasis must be upon the duties of the ministers and elders exercising supervision of the parents.

This includes school education.
We have to be very thankful to the Lord because He has enabled us to offer the children of our congregations a genuine Reformed education, at both primary and secondary level.

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Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 53