Article 45 — Synod

The synod shall be held every three years. As long as there are two classes each classis shall delegate four ministers and four elders.
At the close of synod the time and place for the next synod shall be determined and a church shall be appointed to convene it. A synod shall be convened before the appointed time at the request of a classis. Its time and place shall be decided by the church appointed as convening church for the next regular synod.

This article deals with the following subjects:
1. the frequency of the synods;
2. their composition;
3. the ensuing synod.

Re. 1:
The frequency of our synods is once every three years.
However, there is an exception: if there are urgent reasons the convening church shall determine an earlier date. This shall be done when at least two classes request an earlier convening. The convening church must obtain the approval of her classis regarding time and venue for this synod.

Re. 2:
Each classis sends four ministers and four elders.

Re. 3:
Each synod, at its conclusion, determines the – regular – time and place of the next synod and appoints a convening church.
Our churches have adopted a set of Rules dealing with:
- the convening church;
- delegates;
- officers of synod;
- advisory committees;


- visitors;
- general procedures;
- rules for debate;
- voting;
- deputies;
- treasurer and finance;
- rules for synods.

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Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 45