Article 43 — Counsellors

Each vacant church shall request classis to appoint as counsellor the minister it desires as such, to the end that he may assist the consistory in maintaining good order and especially may lend his aid in the matter of the calling of a minister; he shall sign the letter of call.

The churches live together in a bond of churches with the aim of assisting each other whenever needed.
Normally there is a classical meeting every six months. So a vacant church would have to wait for some time before she would be able to call a minister with the advice of the classis. In order to avoid such situations the Church Order contains the provision of this Article concerning a counsellor.

The vacant church may make her own choice and request the classis to appoint him.

He will be able to serve the consistory with advice in all sorts of matters, but it is a rule that the calling of a minister will not take place without his advice, and that the letter of call is signed by him.
This does not mean that it is compulsory for the consistory to ask for his opinion regarding the candidate or the minister to be called. His only duty is to ensure that the calling of a minister takes place ‘in good order’.

Rongen, G. van (2005)

Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 43