Article 42 — Ministers who are not delegated to a classis

If two or more ministers are serving the same church, those who have not been delegated shall have the right to attend classis in an advisory capacity.

The background of this article is probably the desire to have some continuity in the labour of the classical meetings, and not to leave the talents given to the churches by their Head and King unused.

During almost three centuries the Dutch Church Order created the opportunity for all the ministers (also for those who as ministers of larger congregations were not delegated) to attend all the classical meetings and to have voting rights. Since the General Synod of Utrecht 1905, however, this has been reduced to being permitted attendance only in an advisory capacity.


Their presence is even required when they have to report on church visitation, and to act as examiners, etcetera.

There is no rule making it impossible for them to act in the ‘moderamen’, but it is very unlikely that this will ever happen.

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