Article 19 — Task of Missionaries

When ministers of the Word are sent out as missionaries, they shall in the specific region assigned to them proclaim the Word of God, administer the sacraments to those who have come to the profession of th has commanded His church, and ordain elders and deacons when this appears feasible, according to the rules given in the Word of God.

This article briefly sets out the task of the missionaries.
This task is fourfold:
1. to proclaim God’s Word in their ‘mission field’;
2. to administer the sacraments to those who have come to faith as a result of the mission work;
3. to teach them to observe all that Christ commanded His Church, which includes a Christian life-style, according to Matthew 28: 19;
4. to institute the offices according to good order.
The aim of Mission work, then, is not only to call individuals to conversion and faith, but also to plant the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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