Article 14 — Dismissal

The consistory with the deacons shall not dismiss a minister from his bond with the congregation without the approval and the concurring advice of the deputies of synod.

The admission to the ministry of the Word takes place with the assistance and supervision of the classis and the deputies of the synod as representatives of the bond of churches.
A dismissal has to take place in the same way.

This applies to the following cases:
1. when a minister is going to retire according to Article 13.
2. when a minister for reasons of health can no longer remain at the place where he is serving but would quite well be able to serve a congregation in an entirely different environment.
3. when a minister lacks the talents to serve a congregation beyond a limited numbers of years.
4. when there are difficulties between the minister and his congregation that prevent him from serving there fruitfully, and it is desirable that he be disassociated from this congregation.
It may be clear that in the cases 2-4 no sin punishable with suspension or deposition is involved.
And further that in these cases an agreement be made concerning financial support for the period of time during which the minister is not yet installed in another congregation, or has not not yet embarked upon another profession. For at his dismissal according to this article he is declared eligible to be called by another congregation during a certain period of time.

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Kerkorde FRCA (2003) 14