Appendix IV



The Consistory with the Deacons of the Canadian Reformed Church at... has delegated to the Classis which is to be held on ... at... the following brothers:

A.... and B..... with the brothers C.... and D. ...as alternates.

These brothers have been authorized to deal with all matters that have been legitimately brought to this Classis, and they are to do this in total submission to the Word of God, in faithful adherence to the Confessions of the Church, and with loyal observance of the adopted Church Order.

The Consistory with the Deacons, on their part, promise to abide by all decisions which have been taken in accordance with the above conditions.

Wishing your assembly the wisdom from above through the guidance of the Holy Spirit,

With fraternal greetings,

For the Consistory with the Deacons

w.s. ... Chairman

w.s.... Clerk



As mentioned in the Guide, we differentiate between the authority and the binding force of the Word of God and that of the Confessions and the Church Order. Hence the difference in terminology. Delegates to a broader assembly are to submit in everything to God's Word, they are to adhere to the summary of the Scriptures as found in the Confessions, and they are to observe all the provisions which have been laid down in the Church Order and are to do this loyally.

Although it is not really necessary — the obligation to abide by the decisions of broader assemblies is implied in the adoption of the Church Order as the conditions for living together within the federation — some churches might wish to add the promise that they will abide by all the decisions that


have been made in accordance with the instructions given to their delegates. Adding this promise makes the more clear that abiding by the decisions of the major assemblies is not a question of obedience but of voluntary resolve and commitment.

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