This website serves as a knowledge-base for church law in the Netherlands, so it is set in Dutch and most of the texts are in Dutch. This page serves as a shortcut for readers in English: it lists the material in that language.

Church orders

Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (edition 2010)
Church Order of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (edition 2003)
Church Order of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches (edition 1985)
Church Order of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand (edition 1977)

Church order commentaries

Oene, W.W.J. van, With Common Consent, A practical guide to the use of the Church Order of the Canadian Reformed Churches (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Premier Publishing, 1990)
​Rongen, G. van, Decently and in Good Order. The Church Order of Dordrecht as revised by Synod Rockingham 2003 of The Free Reformed Churches of Australia commented on (Armadale: The Reformed Guardian, 2005) (The Reformed Guardian New Series No. 21), Third edition 2005


Golde, H.M.G.J. van, Law of Grace. The Theological Foundations of Canon Law According to Hans Dombois in His Work “Das Recht der Gnade” (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America, 1988)